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Deep Engraved Brass Plaques

If you require a large Brass Plaque we recommend you select the 2mm thickness Tab below. We currently offer 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm thickness for our Highly Polished Solid Brass.

Once you have selected the thickness of brass you want with the tabs below, you need to establish how high (tall) your plaque needs to be.
Our 1.5mm and 2mm brass plaques come with Chamfered (bevelled) edges as standard. All text is deep engraved that can be left either as a metal cut finish or have black paint applied to the engraved text, which makes the plaque look stunning.

We provide countersunk drilled holes and brass screws to match if selected.

Our 1mm plaques have a plain edge only and can be attached by industrial strength self-adhesive tape or domed headed pins.

Please note that all Brass naturally tarnishes when exposed to air and just needs a regular polish to maintain that highly polished finish.
We can manufacture bespoke sizes. Please contact us by phoning 01372 459 805 or contact us by email to discuss your requirements and we will give you a quote.

Deep Engraved Brass Plaques