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Engraved Brass Plaques - 1mm thick

Fully customise your order

How tall does your plaque need to be? The height options are 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm
Need a taller plaque? Please select 2mm thick brass for the larger plaque size options.

Engraved Brass Plaques 1mm
Product information
  • Cut to the size you require and engraved with your message
  • Highly polished solid brass
  • Attachment options are self-adhesive tape or dome headed pins
  • Ideal for attaching to any item that is clean, dry and flat

All text is centre justified unless you instruct us otherwise and we use a single line font as the default on this plaque, as it is easier to read on a smaller surface. We can apply black paint to the deep engraved text on your plaque or you can choose to leave a metal cut finish, i.e. the same colour as the brass. The black paint enhances the appearance of the engraved text and makes the plaque look stunning.
We can manufacture bespoke sizes. Please contact us by phoning 01372 459 805 or contact us by email to discuss your requirements and we will happily provide you a quote.