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Deep Engraved Brass Plaques - 1.5mm thick

These 1.5mm Medium thickness Brass Plaques aim to offer customers an alternative between our Fine Brass Plaques 0.5mm thick (Jewellers Brass), our 1mm brass and our thicker 2mm brass.

These 1.5mm plaques can be attached using double-sided industrial strength tape, pins, or have countersunk holes and screws. They are ideal for attaching to any item that is clean dry and flat such as a wooden box for games equipment, or jewellery boxes.

All have a highly polished surface and all plaques have a bevelled/chamfered edge that is smaller than that for the 2mm thick brass.

All text is centred justified and we use a Single Line Font as the default font.
However, you can request a different font but our Engraver will advise you on what looks best for the size of plaque ordered.

Deep Engraved 1.5mm Brass Plaques

The first stage is to establish how high (tall) your plaque needs to be, please select your height from the pages below.
We can manufacture bespoke sizes. Please contact us by phoning 01372 459 805 or contact us by email to discuss your requirements and we will give you a quote.