Metal Effect Plaques

Our Metal Effect Plaques are available in two finishes:
Gold Effect Plaques
Metallic Silver Effect Plaques

These Metal Effect Plaques come with chamfered edges, giving a smart border and the edges are a black colour for both the Gold Effect and the Metallic Silver Effect Plaques. This is because the middle core material is a black laminate and all engraved text will also be automatically black. There are various sizes available with different heights and lengths, please see our product range below.

These plaques are only suitable for indoor use. If you require plaques for outdoor use, please see our Brass Plaques category.

We can manufacture bespoke sizes. Please contact us by phoning 01372 459 805 or contact us by email to discuss your requirements and we will give you a quote. We can send you a screenshot prior to engraving to ensure the layout and spacing are per your instructions.
Gold Effect Plaque
Metallic Silver Effect Plaque

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Metal Effect Plaques