Fonts & Message Structure

Times New Roman is the best font to select when you wish to make a name stand out or when there is not a great deal of text. The following examples are actual "Engraving Fonts" and therefore show the lines the engraving diamond will follow.
Script is usual selected for gifts to females (default font for Ladies Mirrors)
If you select the script font for Engraved Plaque a less flowery "script" font will be used.
The following font is only available in Capital Letters - Usually requested on Trophys
If you want a large amount of text engraved on your gift - we advise the Single Line "Arial" that comes as standard.
Comic Font is usually selected for gifts to children.
To simplify this web site fonts selection is tailored for each gift - if however you "must have" a particular font on your selected gift - just let us know.

Text Justification

We Will Centre Justify the text you input unless you tell us otherwise
Presented to
Someone special
With Love from all of us
Janet, Mandy, George, Tom, Holly, Kate, Sarah, Grace, Joseph
Dean, Shaun, Gareth, Aidan, Rhona, Roger, Yasmin, Jack, & John

Counting Characters the easy way

'Word' can Count your letters for you.

Follow these instructions to save you time:

In Word, Select & Highlight the text/words you want engraved.
Then Go To Review (on the top tab), then Go To "123 Word Count"