Fine Brass Plaques 0.5mm (Jewellers Brass)

Fine Brass Plaques

These plaques are 0.5mm thick and come with plain edges.
Various heights and various lengths are available and there is a choice of attaching methods

The top surface of these plaques are coated with a lacquer that prevents the highly polished surface from tarnishing. These plaques are best kept indoors where they will remain looking sharp and highly polished for decades.

Please note that the lacquered surface means that we cannot apply black paint to the engraved text

If you are on a budget and/or you require a large quantity of plaques click here to view "budget brass effect plaques"
Please use the page below to select your choice of plaque. Sizes start from 8mm high up to 30mm high with various lengths available.

We can manufacture bespoke sizes. Please contact us by phoning 01372 459 805 or contact us by email to discuss your requirements and we will give you a quote. We can also engrave logos but there is an extra charge for this and is only suitable for the larger size plaques. We can send you a screenshot prior to engraving to ensure the layout and spacing are per your instructions.

Fine Brass Plaques 0.5mm


Our One-Stop Price includes height and length of Plaque, choice of Font, and number of lines for your engraved text.Prices start from 7.25