AQUARIUS (Jan 21 - Feb 18) Zodiac Sign - Water Carrier
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Select Aquarius (The Water Carrier) when presenting a gift to those born between Janurary 21st and 18th of February.

Aquarius is the eleventh sign with the ruling Planet of Uranus.  Personal traits Airy & Stuborn.

We will engrave this graphic on any Gift or Plaque purchased here at If you select the Aquarius sign of the Zodiac for engraving, we will adjust the size and layout so that it fits with any message(s) you require.

However if you desire a particular layout, size, spacing or justification.  Just write down your instructions and send to us.

Multiple Zodiac signs are often selected when a gift is for two people.  Often people request Jewellers Brass Plaques so that they can be simply attach their message to any gift that has a flat surface. (e.g. Picture, Mirror, Presentation Box)