(Cloned) ROTARY name badges  - For the
(Cloned) ROTARY name badges - For the "Wimborne" Branch
Price: £ 8.99(Ex VAT £7.49)
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Rotary Name badges manufactured for the Wimborne branch.

Use the drop down boxes below to add your details.

Note  All Caps For First Name & Upper & lower case for Surname has been the "Standard" in the past - However
 -The CAPITALIZATION you Type is what you will get

For all those who think engraving the Rotary Logo is in breach of copyright, please note that

  • This Rotary graphic is slightly different to the real one.
  • The Rotary logo is engraved for free, the prices above are for making the rest of the badge.
  • Because the logo is cut into the engraving material - it can ont be multi-coloured.

Badge attachment options

Broach pins are included in the price and come attached.


If you would like one or two "Crocodile Jaw" style attachments on the back of your badge make your choice using the dropdown box below.

A Magnetic Option provides a means attaching your badge without the worry of pins.  Most suitable when wearing thin or fine material and will prevent damage to clothing if the badge is caught. May increase the chance of losing your badge in certain working environments.

 If you want your badge to have this method of attachment - Select "Magnetic Clip" from the drop down options below.